Inefficiency in construction is a massive problem throughout the United States and globally in today’s world. This inefficiency problem wastes an incredible amount of time and money in the construction industry for construction professionals worldwide every single year.You’d think in this ever-changing world of tech, many construction firms would be quick to adopt the latest technologies to implement more efficient processes that positively impact their bottom line, but for many companies that just hasn’t been the case. Perhaps one of the easiest solutions to solving inefficiency problems is implementing construction productivity software. Construction productivity software provides opportunities to cut time loss and costs, allow for more efficient project management as well as providing important raw data for future projects.

   This industry is in constant motion, as construction workers and managers move from site to site making it extremely important to access items such as blueprints, managing the transportation and sourcing of raw materials and managing changes to a project while being able to view any information pertaining to a project on the go. 77 percent of megaprojects in the world are 40 percent behind schedule. That translates into an 80 percent increase in cost for those firms working on those projects. This massive increase in cost coupled with highly inefficient building practices can be solved by implementing better and more efficient technology such as construction productivity software. The use of such technology ensures, that time is used more efficiently and the project is completed within budget.

   Once construction companies implement construction productivity software, data will become available to improve the planning stage of future projects. With the input of data from every company’s on-going projects, many productivity issues will be eliminated from on-going projects to projects in the future. This can lead to more realistic benchmarks being set, as well as leading to an accurate estimation of time and cost for future projects. The implementation of construction productivity software at your company can start small and grow with your company over time. Here at Terane, we aim to schedule the delivery of dirt and other raw materials to a site on time, in the shortest distance traveled by connecting you with other construction professionals in your area who either have or need dirt; which saves time and money (on average over $1500). We’re doing our part to help improve efficiency and productivity while helping to bridge the $1.63 trillion productivity gap that currently plagues construction professionals in the United States and globally. Terane’s goal is to let you focus on what you do best, Building.

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