Local construction technology startup and Velocity Accelerator Dirtbook has officially rebranded as Terane.

The rebranding comes as the company evolves the focus of the business.

Terane’s main objective is to develop a tech product that will automate the connecting of contractors who have dirt or raw materials to contractors who need them.

“The name change was necessary to reflect the overall change in focus for the company. Instead of just focusing on connecting contractors who have dirt to those who need dirt, we are getting into the scheduling and organization of the logistics of getting the dirt from one contractor to another” said Founder and CEO Colt Byrom, “The name change was to also reflect a future focus on transporting all raw materials for construction projects, not just dirt.”

The company is currently based in the Innovation Depot and went through the Velocity Accelerator.

It’s one of several Velocity Accelerator companies that have been making waves lately – a list that includes babysitting app startup Wyndy completing a funding raise of $1 million.

Originally published in the Birmingham Business Journal on Aug 10, 2018