A look at some of the most reliable and trustworthy haulers Birmingham based hauling companies that you can use for your next dirt move, 

As a construction tech company focused on making the world of construction logistics more efficient, we often get asked for recommendations on the best Birmingham based hauling companies. Finding places to get dirt from or take it to us hard enough, so shouldn’t finding dump truck drivers be really easy?


Not so fast, the vast majority of dump truck driver don’t have websites and finding their contact information isn’t the easiest thing in the world unless you decide to sit on a street corner all day by an area of heavy construction and write down the phone numbers listed on every dump truck that drives by.  You don’t have time for that and neither do your customers. 


If you’re in the Birmingham area, here is our list of the best Birmingham based hauling companies that our users have had the pleasure of working with(in no particular order), 


  1. JEA Excavating, Phone Contact: 205-965-4977
  2. Dirt Cheap Excavating, Phone Contact: 205-613-9241
  3. Harrison Builders, Phone Contact: 205-862-5163
  4. GNC, Phone Contact: 205-369-4625
  5. SMT Hardscapes, Phone Contact: 205-422-3863
  6. Wyco, Phone Contact: 205-281-6825


These haulers are reliable, on time, and experts at what they do. We are proud to call them members of the Terane community. Time and time again they have made the tedious process of moving dirt so easy for our users. 


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