Team Terane had the wonderful opportunity to attend ICUEE 2019 in Louisville. Read more below about what we learned!


 Team Terane had an incredible time at ICUEE 2019 and we can’t thank Velocity Accelerator and Fund supporter, Altec for sponsoring us to go. We each went home with enough free caps to start a construction equipment sponsored baseball team.  Our team learned a ton about the latest excavation and utility equipment, how to better market and sell software products to the everyday construction professional, and how we want to design and operate our booth at future construction and utility-focused conventions. We even got to ride in our fair share of bucket trucks(thank you to the engineer from your Duluth, Minnesota plant who took us up) and Skid Steers(thank you, John Deere, CAT, and Case!)


Some of our Favorite Takeaways from ICUEE 2019

  • Vacuum Excavation is growing especially popular in the world of utilities because they have to very precise and careful not to cut/destroy any underground piping or electric lines. Vermeer debuted their latest Vaccum Excavator and it looked like it was built by NASA(Fund Fact, Vermeer’s CEO actually use to work for NASA at their Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California)
  • A lot of the attendees aren’t worried about the automation of construction equipment, the main reason? It’ll take years before automated construction equipment is up to date on safety standards and therefore human operation is the best option.
  • Fleet Management is becoming increasingly more necessary for owners of construction equipment. A lot of the fellow tech companies that we met with at the show mentioned the need of a lot of construction professionals to move their fleet management operations of off pen and paper and onto a hardware and software platform. Samsara blew us away with their tech and their booth. Very frictionless and easy to install.
  • Finally, finding other construction professionals with have or need dirt projects is still really hard and really disorganized. There are 19 million miles of underground utility lines in the US alone, and when they did dig those lines up, finding places to take that dirt has become increasingly difficult.

   We’re excited to take these learnings and implement them to improve our product and continue to make the Terane app more accessible and user-friendly for those in utility contracting and excavating. Our team is very interested in exhibiting at the next ICUEE in the outdoor demoing area in order to better market our product to these target users. We absolutely see the need to continue to market our product to the many attendees of ICUEE and believe that we can be a tremendous value add to their businesses.

See you all at ICUEE 2021!

Team Terane