Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are Terane currently available in?
  • Birmingham
  • Huntsville
Want to bring Terane to your area? Let us know:
Can I cancel my match request?
Yes, if you make a request and need to cancel it, click the Request Pending Match under your project, on the next screen, scroll down and click the Red “Cancel Match” Button.
How do I access the Hauler Directory?
You can access the Hauler Directory by clicking the menu button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and then selecting the “Hauler Directory” option from the menu.
When will I know when Terane is coming to my area?
Interested in having Terane come to your city? Contact us at, and give us an intro to your local Contractors or Homebuilders for us to come to speak and show you the benefits of the Terane app.
What types of material are available?
As of right now, Terane has jobs for topsoil and fill dirt. However, in the near future, we will be expanding our available material to fulfill any construction site need.
How do i sign up if I am a hauler?
Send us an email at
How do I change my credit card information?
Head to the menu on the upper-left hand corner of the screen, from the drop-down, click “Account”, from there you can edit any of your credit card infromation.
How many projects can I post at a time?
Unlimited! Terane allows for you to post as many projects as you want!
Can I edit my project information?

You absolutely can, on the main project page where all your projects are located, find the project you need to edit and click project.

This will take you to the “Your Project” page where you can click the edit button in the upper right-hand corner and then edit the amount of material you’re moving and edit the timeline of when you need the dirt brought in or taken away.

What should I do if weather affects my project pickup or removal time?

Notify the other party of the inclement weather preventing your pickup and removal time, then head to the “Your Project” page.

Once at the “Your Project” page you can edit the timeline of your project to date with much better weather.

How do I send a Match Request?

When you upload your either have or need dirt project to the app, our backend will handle the search for you and find potential matches.

You can request a match by clicking one of the potential matches the app find for you and then click the Green “Request Match” button at the bottom.

How much does it cost?
Terane currently charges a monthly subscription fee for access to the mobile app. This can also be paid up front in the form of an annual fee.
How do I calculate the amount of material I have?
To calculate the amount of material you have, you multiply the depth of the material, by the length of the material, by the width of the material. A calculator is provided on the Terane App.
When will my material be delivered?
Upon matching with another user on the Terane App, you will be able to choose a delivery date and time that best suits your schedule.
Do you offer a desktop version of the app?
We currently do not offer a desktop version, but we are currently working on developing that for you.