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The Terane Team gives you some insights on making sure you’re picking the best custom home builder, that’s on time, on budget and utilizing the best tech possible to make your dream home a reality 


Owning a house is one of the main draws of fulfilling the American dream. Thousands of Americans each year though, take it a step further and decide to find a builder and design their own dream home.


But how does one, go about making sure they’re picking the right builder for that perfect dream home? That’s a good question and one that our team at Terane is more than qualified to answer. We were founded by a 4th generation homebuilder and the President of the 6th largest home builders association in the United States. 


Let’s get started with some questions you need to ask your potential home builder or contractor before you sign anything at all,


  1. Always make sure to do your research, your state should have a database that is searchable to make sure that your contractor or builder are properly licensed with the state. If you’re based in Alabama like Terane is, you can use this database here: https://hblb.alabama.gov/
  2. Ask your State board if any disciplinary actions have been taken against your builder and contractor. 
  3. Never take their word that they have insurance, ask for the contact information of their insurance agent and ask for proof of insurance. 
  4. Finally, always ask for previous job references and call those references.


Keep in mind to also be wary of large down payments demanded by potential builders or contractors, this is a major red flag to keep in mind as well!


Oh, and one more thing, make sure they’re tech-savvy and taking advantage of the latest technologies(like Terane!) that will not only make them more productive builders but save you time and money as well. 


Looking for your next builder in Birmingham that checks off all of the above and is already saving you thousands using Terane? Here is our list of the Best Builders in Birmingham!


  1. Byrom Building(https://www.facebook.com/byrombuilding/)
  2. J.Wright Building Company(https://jwrightbuildingcompany.com/)
  3. Saunders Bradford(http://saundersbradford.com/)
  4. Lovette Design and Build(https://lovettedesignbuild.com/)
  5. Murphy Homebuilders(http://murphyhomebuilders.net/)


As always let our team know if you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help. Interested in having your homebuilder sign-up for Terane? Have them reach out to sales@teraneapp.com for a free year on us to get started!