A Birmingham startup and Velocity Accelerator graduate is rebranding.

Terane is the new name of Dirtbook, and the change reflects a shift in philosophy toward construction logistics.

Dirtbook was founded on connecting construction contractors who needed dirt with those who had it. While dirt is one of the fundamentals of construction work, locating it for use, or getting it moved from sites, can be a time-consuming process.

As founder and CEO Colt Byrom explained, the company is now getting into the scheduling, organization and logistics of getting dirt from one contractor to another.

“The name change was also to reflect a future focus on transporting all the raw materials for construction projects, not just dirt,” Byrom said.

Sean McCroskey, Terane’s director of operations, said that can mean gravel, sand, any raw materials.

“We can make that connection, and organizing transportation from the ‘haves’ to the ‘needs,'” he said. “We’re going to make a big focus on organizing the transportation from point A to point B.”

Terane plans to use a network of haulers. Currently, the company is working between 15 to 20 projects in the Birmingham area.

Originally published on AL.com on Aug 13, 2018