Addressing the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

Throughout my time in high school, college was the only post-graduation option taught to me and my classmates. While college is a fantastic investment in your future and your overall professional development, it, of course, is very expensive and the cost of many colleges in the United States continues to rise. Trades and skilled labor … Read More

Why your Construction Firm Needs Productivity Software

       Inefficiency in construction is a massive problem throughout the United States and globally in today’s world. This inefficiency problem wastes an incredible amount of time and money in the construction industry for construction professionals worldwide every single year.You’d think in this ever-changing world of tech, many construction firms would be quick to … Read More

Birmingham Can be the Construction Capital of the United States

Birmingham and the Construction Industry   When most people think of Birmingham, Alabama, their first thoughts are of Nick Saban Crimson Tide Football, the Civil Rights movement, delicious BBQ(of course) and a once vibrant city significantly affected by the Great Depression and recessions past. In this post, I’ll make the argument that Birmingham is a … Read More