Terane Founder/CEO and 4th Generation Homebuilder, Colt Byrom. Colt also serves his local construction community as the President of the Greater Birmingham Association of Homebuilders.


Read below to learn more about Colt and why he set out to create a new tool for construction professionals in Alabama and soon, nationwide.


What inspired you to want to start Terane?


As a 4th generation home builder, I grew up around the construction business, and when I finally joined my Dad at Byrom Building, right away one of the biggest issues I was dealing with as a new project manager was removing excess dirt from sites. At the same time, while I was growing up I saw the development of the internet and the smartphone and host of other technologies that made me really think that there could be a technical solution to this consistent problem of excess dirt that builders and contractors have to deal with across the country.

How has moving dirt, created pain for your construction business or your clients?


Dirt is one of the most abundant commodities on earth, there is always going to be a need to move dirt. Always. For as long as earth has been around its been a pain to find places to get dirt from and bring dirt in. Then when you finally find a project that has or needs it, it becomes really expensive to load it and move it. Costs become outrageous, Meanwhile bc it’s taking me so much time to find a project that either has or needs dirt, I can’t focus on more pressing building issues that will allow me to remain on schedule and on budget.

How has Terane made your business more efficient?


I can focus on what I do the best, building. Instead of spending hours driving around, calling and texting everyone I know, Terane does the search for me. Terane is the easiest tool in the world that you can download and register for in under 14 seconds that can save you thousands of dollars every year when it comes to your have or need dirt project. I’m proud to have started Terane for homebuilders like myself and plan on continuing to improve it with the Terane team for the years to come. Terane has added a world of economic and productivity value to Byrom Building and a multitude of users in the Terane community.

Where do you see Terane in 5 years?

I see Terane like any other tool construction works and managers alike bring to their projects every day. I see it as the all in one platform where our users can manager their excess material projects and can order the necessary raw materials needed to complete their projects on time and on budget. Internally, I hope to create a culture that takes care of its employees and works hard to create value for those users that are apart of the Terane community.

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