An interview with Marty Byrom, former GBAHB president and founder of Byrom Building, Marty is considered by many to be one of the best home builders in Alabama.


What inspired you to want to go into the home building?

My father and my grandfather were both builders, and I made the decision walking to class one day my senior year of college that I wanted to go into building homes. I had a tie on in the hot sun and said I can’t do this corporate world stuff. I made that decision in 1978. I had built my first home a year prior to that in the summer of 1977 and loved it. I’ve been building homes ever since!


How has moving dirt, created pain for your business?

Whenever I need dirt, I never have any idea where to find it. The time it takes you to find the dirt, calling around or drive around trying to find it, it eats up your time which can be spent focusing on other things such as project management and being able to talk with the folks who trust us to build them great homes. Not only that, I constantly get people calling me asking if I have dirt. The phone never stops ringing somedays.


 How has Terane made your business more efficient?

The app does the search for you, I don’t have to spend my time on unproductive things like driving around or calling people over and over again. Terane handles the search and lets me manage my have and need dirt projects for me all in one spot. I pay the monthly subscription because you never know when you’re going to need it, and when you need Terane, it saves you thousands in hauling cost and idle labor cost.

Last Question, Roll Tide or War Eagle?

I put three children through Alabama and my wife wasn’t gonna write the check to send them to Auburn, so ROLL TIDE.


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