An interview with Bryan Pressnell of Pressnell Engineering, with over 20 years of land engineering. Bryan is a proud member of the Terane community.


What inspired you to want to go into engineering for land development?


I started at UAB’s undergraduate business program, wanting to be an accountant but after my first accounting class that thought pretty much dissipated. I ended up meeting with my counselor who threw out the idea of civil engineering because I enjoyed math so much. I took my first class and absolutely fell in love with it. I then got a part-time job doing land development and fell in love even more there and eventually struck out on my own and founded Pressnell engineering. The aspect of taking property from just this piece of land to something different fascinated me.


How has moving dirt, created pain for your business or your clients?


On smaller sites like new fast-food restaurants or a dentist office, for example, 75 percent of work is on 3 acres or less, very difficult to find the dirt necessary quickly in order to balance the site or if we have to remove dirt, its just incredibly hard to find a site to move dirt to. 


 How has Terane made your business more efficient?


One of the largest problems is getting the site ready to be built on and the biggest question is where am I going to take all this excess dirt to or get dirt brought in. It is absolutely imperative to find a site close to cut hauling cost and cut idle labor cost, otherwise, you just have an excavation contractor and other labor sitting there idle and you’re losing money. Knowledge of knowing where dirt is or where to take dirt makes Terane great for cutting those costs. Registering for Terane should be a no brainer for site-work contractors, developers, homebuilders, excavation contractors, and even landscapers. 


Last Question, Roll Tide or War Eagle?

War Eagle!! Even though I went to UAB, I actually grew up a really big Auburn fan.


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