Bobby Durham
Bobby Durham

Bobby Durham is a 2nd generation concrete walls and foundations builder. He has been proudly serving the greater Birmingham community for over 25 years and is a proud member of the National Association of Homebuilders and the American Concrete Institute. Bobby is a proud co-founder and user of Terane and we decided to ask him a couple of questions on how he uses Terane to add to his bottom line for ACFW,


What inspired you to want to go into building concrete walls and foundations?

That’s a great question, I studied business at UAB and always enjoyed numbers, while in college I worked in construction and had experience with building concrete walls and foundations through the family business. Starting my own business really allowed me to combine my love of numbers and construction. I’m a very forward-thinking business owner, Im always researching new technologies and how they can impact my business for the good of our customers. That’s what really inspired me to get involved in Terane with Colt Byrom.


How has moving dirt, created a pain for your business?

Obviously, building foundations requires the incredibly arduous process of not just excavating dirt but also finding places to take it. I get close to 25 to 30 phone calls a day from builders, excavation contractors and dump truck drivers if I know of any places that they can drop off dirt and or get dirt. It takes away from me from being able to focus on what me and my team do best and that’s build some of the best concrete walls and foundations in the state of Alabama. Every contractor and builder wants to focus on their craft, but moving dirt takes away from that and its just the biggest pain.


How has Terane made your business more efficient?

We’ll now that I have Terane I don’t get those phone calls anymore and I certainly don’t have to drive around or call around looking for dirt or places to take my dirt. I simply just upload my have or need dirt projects, it automatically finds a local homebuilder or contractor that needs it in the area, and all I have to do is shoot him a quick message and before you know it I’ve moved my dirt or have had it brought in. I save time and money on hauling and focus more time on my craft. It’s a win-win for everyone who signs up and the app pays for itself after one dirt move, and then whenever I need it again I just pull it up when necessary. It’s a new tool in my tool box that I can rely on whenever I need it.

Last Question, Roll Tide or War Eagle??



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